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Bookshelf speakers are a way to get great stereo sound or part of home theatre surround sound from a compact unit. If you don't have the room for floorstanding speakers, bookshelf speakers are a great option.

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        Bowers & Wilkins 706 S2 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

        • Solid Body tweeter 
        • Carbon Dome™ tweeter  
        • Continuum™ Cone 

        Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

        • Solid Body tweeter 
        • Carbon Dome™ tweeter  
        • Continuum™ Cone 

        Bowers & Wilkins Floor Stand for 700 Series

        Sold as a pair. Specifically designed to suit the style & enhance sound quality of Bowers & Wilkins Bookshelf Speakers.Suited to B&W 705 S2, 706 S2 & 707 S2  


        Yamaha NS-5000 Premium HiFi Speakers

        The industry reference speaker. Newly developed diaphragms boast acoustic velocity comparable to that of beryllium NS-5000's tweeter, midrange, and woofer all feature diaphragms made of 100%*1 ZYLON® — a synthetic fiber created in...


        JBL L100 Classic Loudspeakers

        • Retro design, choice of three colors
        • 12-inch white cone, pure pulp woofer 
        • 1-inch titanium dome tweeter
        $1,100.00 $990.00

        Richter Merlin S6 - Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

        DESCRIPTION The Series 6 project focused on delivering a new range of Loudspeakers that meet today’s customer’s expectations and equipment choices. This meant listening to and responding to the market by...

        $699.00 $549.00

        PSB Alpha P5 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

        Breakthrough design for incredible studio-quality sound. The P5 bookshelf speaker is a classic two-way design that can be placed on astand, a shelf, a desk or a table and is equally...


        PSB Alpha P3 Bookshelf/Surround Speakers (Pair)

        Compact and versatile without sacrificing performance. The Alpha P3 is a small two-way bookshelf speaker that connects to any stereo or home theatre system to fill the room with powerful, crystal-clear...


        Monitor Audio Monitor 50 Bookshelf Speakers

        The Monitor 50 is a compact speaker designed to look stunning in a bookshelf type environment. The usual rectangular cabinet profile has been replaced with a striking square cabinet which houses...


        Monitor Audio Bronze 50 Bookshelf Speakers

        • Stylish Finish Options
        • 5 ½ Inch Mid/Bass Driver
        • C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter

        JBL Stage A120 Bookshelf Speakers (pair)

        • Aluminium Dome Tweeter
        • 4.5" Bass/Mid Driver
        • Great as Fronts or Surrounds!

        A little more info...


        Bookshelf speakers can be used as main front speakers or surround speakers. They are available in many shapes, sizes and finishes to suit every home design and interior décor scheme.


        Todds HiFi carries brands such as Yamaha, Bowers & Wilkins, PSB & Richter.


        Chat to the team of friendly experts at Todds Hi Fi and let us help you to select speakers that will best suit your lifestyle and budget.