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Outdoor Speakers


    B&W, PSB & Yamaha Outdoor Speakers in Brisbane

    Brisbane is all about sunshine and the outdoors, and a BBQ or party is just not right without music. Whether you are splashing in the pool, entertaining on your deck or simply relaxing with the family, outdoor speakers are a must have for the Australian lifestyle. Check out our full range of outdoor speakers from Yamaha, PSB & B&W online or visit us in our Brisbane store to chat with our experts.

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    Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 Outdoor Speaker (Pair)
    Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 Outdoor Speaker (Pair)

    Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 Outdoor Speaker (Pair)

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    Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 Outdoor Speaker (Pair)


    The AM-1 Architectural Monitor offers a unique combination of high-quality sound and supreme flexibility. Articulate, exciting and powerful, AM-1 avoids the compromises commonly associated with versatile, all-weather monitors, and delivers all the performance expected of a Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker.

    A two-way design, AM-1 features an inverted drive unit configuration, with a 25mm aluminium-dome tweeter mounted below rather than above a 5inch glass-fibre bass/midrange driver. This ensures optimal dispersion of sound when the speaker is mounted high on the wall. AM-1’s low-frequency output is bolstered by the use of a rear-mounted auxiliary bass radiator (ABR). Used instead of a conventional bass reflex port, the ABR endows AM-1 with exceptional bass response for a cabinet of its size. Unlike a port, it also provides AM-1’s cabinet with a continual seal against the elements. This combination of advanced drive units, unique configuration and classically simple crossover components combines to create a loudspeaker as musical as it is flexible.

    AM-1 has been carefully designed to be easy to install and very flexible. Designed to be positioned in either landscape or portrait mode, AM-1 combines a rust-proof aluminium grille with a rigid cabinet composed of glass-filled plastics, ensuring class-leading resistance to extremes of dust, moisture and UV exposure. And while it has very obvious benefits outside, its discreet styling and impressive performance will also find favour for use internally.

    Outdoor Speakers

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    Outdoor Speakers

    We offer a variety of excellent outdoor speakers in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. Outdoor speakers come in multiple levels of weather resistance and options to integrate with other elements of your sound and vision system. Our team of friendly experts can guide you through the choices, and with the help of our qualified installers you will soon be enjoying the great outdoors like never before.

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    When selecting the ideal outdoor hi-fi speakers for your backyard or patio, it's crucial to consider factors such as your audio needs, the size of your space, and the speakers' weather resistance to ensure you get the full sound capable from the speaker.

    Evaluate whether an outdoor speaker with wired or wireless connectivity is suitable for your setup and decide between directional or omnidirectional sound. Additionally, consider active speakers with built-in amplifiers or passive speakers models that require external amplifiers.

    Keep in mind the importance of power output, sensitivity, and compatibility with smart home systems. Finally, establish a budget and consult online reviews and expert advice to make an informed decision.

    To optimise the placement of your outdoor hi-fi, woofer and speakers, first map out your space, considering seating arrangements and landscaping.

    Ensure a balanced sound field by positioning speakers at equal distances from the listening area and aiming directional speakers towards it.

    Avoid obstructions and set up stereo speakers at equal distances, angling them inward for improved stereo imaging and bass.

    If you have a subwoofer, experiment with its placement near walls or corners for better bass response.
    Finally, test your setup with various music genres and make adjustments as needed to achieve the best sound quality and coverage in your outdoor area.

    Yes, you can integrate your outdoor hi-fi speakers with a smart home system for seamless control and automation features.

    Many modern outdoor speakers offer compatibility with popular smart home platforms.
    This integration allows you to control the features of your outdoor speakers using voice commands, smartphone apps, or other smart home devices.

    To ensure seamless integration, look for outdoor speakers that are designed to work with your preferred smart home system.

    Some speakers may connect directly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, while others might require a compatible hub or bridge device.

    Once integrated, you can easily adjust volume, play music, create routines, or generally automate your outdoor audio experience in conjunction with other smart home devices, such as lighting or security systems.

    Maintaining outdoor hi-fi speakers involves regular cleaning with a damp cloth, inspecting grilles and covers for damage, and checking seals and gaskets for deterioration.

    Maintaining your outdoor speaker will ensure they remain perfect for outdoor entertaining and provide an expansive sound experience.

    Monitor speaker connections for corrosion or looseness, and keep speakers elevated to reduce moisture exposure.
    Consider winter storage in the house or a dry, temperature-controlled location if you experience harsh winters.

    Test your speakers with a variety of music to detect potential issues early and to ensure they produce great sound.

    By following these simple maintenance tips, you can ensure the longevity and performance of your outdoor models for an enjoyable audio experience over time.