To get the best viewing experience, home theatre projectors are a fantastic way to go. As some modern Televisions have backlighting issues causing cloudy blacks & colour inconsistencies, projection offers a much better way of reproducing your favourite movies & programs. 

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    At Todds Hi Fi, we carry a range of home theatre projectors from 1080P Full HD to 4K HDR units on display in our amazing Brisbane showroom. If you'd like to know more, just ask the friendly staff at Todds Hi Fi.

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    There are a few factors involved in choosing the right projector for you. You need to pick a projector with the correct throw distance for your screen size. You need to pick one with appropriate brightness for your room. A unit with a higher Lumens rating is better in a room with ambient light. Resolution is another factor. Is 4K your aim? Are you a gamer? Some projectors have low lag input HDMI sockets and high refresh rate support. Maintenance is also a factor, some projectors have a lamp/bulb which needs to be changed periodically, typically lasting 4000hrs. Others have a laser/LED source which can last 20,000 hrs. If a HDMI cable or power cannot be run to the ceiling, perhaps an ultra-short throw projector is right for you which can sit on a cabinet at the front of the room.

    A projector is usually connected with a HDMI cable to the ‘HDMI Output’ of an AV Receiver. Make sure to check that the source, AV Receiver & Projector’s HDMI connections are compatible eg HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2. Make sure your HDMI cable is up to spec, for 4K content you will need a cable that can pass a minimum of 18GBps of bandwidth. To futureproof for 8K, you will need something that is 48GBps. Be sure to check the manufacturer spec for the length of the HDMI cable. If you have a long HDMI cable, for 4K content, the cable usually needs to be an Active cable, sometimes made of Optic Fibre for lengths over 7 metres.

    This question is best answered by speaking to one of our experts. You will need a Projector, Screen, Av Receiver & Surround Speaker setup. You need to make sure you have the right cables in place and that the equipment is set up correctly.

    This is subjective and appropriate for the use case. In most cases, we recommend a DLP projector which utilises micro-mirros to display an image. Projectors from Optoma or BenQ use this technology and generally offer better quality of image than LCD projectors when comparing price. There are some advantages of LCD based projectors from Epson which have a wider zoom and multiple lens memory positions for easier installation.