Floor Standing Speakers

Floor Standing Speakers


    Floor Standing speakers or tower speakers provide the best quality for stereo & home theatre/surround sound. Floor standing speakers are generally built to produce the most accurate highs, mids & lows.

    Browse our curated collection of quality floor standing speakers from industry-leading brands including Yamaha, Technics, Richter, B&W, Monitor Audio, JBL & more.

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    Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanding Speakers
    Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanding Speakers
    Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanding Speakers
    Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanding Speakers
    Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanding Speakers

    Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanding Speakers

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    The pinnacle of the Bronze series, the Bronze 500s have a larger cabinet housing a Monitor Audio 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter featuring a Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide, plus two new 8" drivers to power a bigger performance.

    On their sturdy steel outrigger feet, the Bronze 500s stand at just under one metre tall and exude a graceful presence, which complements their beautifully detailed audio reproduction.

    With their powerful, natural and intricate performance, the Bronze 500s will thrill both music and movie lovers. The speakers look particularly stylish in our new Urban Grey finish, which perfectly complements the décor of a modern room.



    Key Features

    • Monitor Audio signature C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter upgraded with the new Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide for an incredibly lifelike sound
    • C-CAM mid-bass driver featuring updated cone geometries and Damped Concentric Mode (DCM) technology which allows the speaker to have a deeper, fuller sound while retaining a clean and precise presentation
    • Designed for performance – intricately optimised listening experience for music and movies
    • Hive II rear port tuned for ease of positioning without affecting sound performance
    • Acoustically transparent hexagonal dispersion pattern grille also featured on our award-winning Silver and Gold Series, for the Monitor Audio family look
    • High-quality gold-plated bi-wire terminals
    • Pureflow silver-plated oxygen-free copper internal cabling for highest quality current transfer through the signal chain
    • Audio transparent bespoke cloth covered magnetic grilles for a more discreet appearance
    • Add Bronze AMS Dolby Atmos® enabled speakers atop for use in any AV home cinema system
    • Sturdy steel outrigger feet to ensure a stable platform. Designed for use on carpeted (spikes) or hard floors (rubber feet)


    System Format


    Frequency Response (-6 dB)

    41 – 25,000 Hz (Free field)
    32 – 30,000 Hz (In room)

    Sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m)

    90 dB

    Nominal Impedance

    8 ohms

    Minimum Impedance

    4.1 ohms

    Maximum SPL

    116 dBA (pair)

    Power Handling (RMS)

    200 W

    Recommended Amplifier Requirements

    60 — 200 W

    Bass Alignment

    Bass reflex Dual HiVe II port system

    Crossover Frequency

    550 Hz
    2,700 Hz

    Drive Unit Complement

    2 x 8" C-CAM midbass driver
    1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with UD Waveguide

    External Dimensions (Including Grille and Terminals (H x W x D))

    951 x 231 x 325 mm (377/16 x 91/8 x 1213/16")

    External Dimensions (including Outrigger Feet and Spikes (H x W x D))

    974 x 294 x 364 mm (383/8 x 119/16 x 145/16")

    Weight (each)

    18 kg (39 lb 11 oz)

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    Floor Standing Speakers

    A full soundscape.

    Floor standing or tower speakers are the cornerstones of any great Hi-Fi system, providing the best quality room-filling sound for stereo & home theatre/surround sound. Floor standing speakers are generally built to produce the most accurate high-end frequencies, midrange frequencies & low-frequency sound reproduction. This is due to the design having more speaker drivers to handle specific duties.

    Creating immersion...

    Combining multiple drivers in a tall and elegant package, floor standing speakers offer an immersive experience that will have you coming back for more. Instantly elevate your listening experience and chat with the expert Todds HiFi team about selecting the most suitable pair of floor standing speakers for you.

    What are the advantages of floor standing speakers?

    Floor standing speakers have a number of advantages over other types of speakers. They are tall, which means they can fill a room with sound. They also usually have a wider frequency range than bookshelf speakers, making them a good choice as main speakers in a home theatre system.

    Floor Standing Speakers

    Size does matter.

    Due to their size, floor standing speakers are the perfect audio option for larger rooms, home theatres or commercial spaces, creating a truly unique listening experience. A floor standing speaker's sound quality and volume can envelop the listener in the soundscape with accurate audio reproduction.

    A Todds Hi Fi audio sound system setup at our store in Daisy Hill Brisbane

    Design &


    If you're interested in taking your home entertainment experience to a gold-class standard, you're probably not going to get a gold-class outcome without some design and installation help.

    Our AV Design and Installation teams have a wealth of experience which results in the ideal balance of clean finish and simple operability.

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    Our most frequently asked Floor Standing Speakers questions

    A floorstanding speaker provides the listener with a greater range of sound, acoustics and definition across the frequency range vs a bookshelf speaker. This is done by physically having more speaker drivers in the overall speaker cabinet.

    Bookshelf speakers normally have a tweeter and one woofer whereas a floor-standing speaker typically has a tweeter & three or four woofers that handle a separate frequency range. The larger size of the speaker cabinet also allows the speaker to create more energy to fill a larger room with sound and create extra bass.

    You can often get away without adding a subwoofer to a floor standing speaker, especially in a stereo system however, for home theatre, it is recommended to add a system-matching subwoofer.

    This is subjective but Bowers & Wilkins 800 series speakers are highly regarded as some of the best in the world. Bowers & Wilkins put a lot of research, innovation & technology into their speaker designs to ensure they produce a world-class audio experience for the listener.

    Yes, but for the best results, the rear speakers should be smaller or less powerful than the front speakers. Usually, front speakers will handle more bass content & surrounds will handle more high-frequency sounds.

    There are a few factors to consider such as musical style, aesthetics, budget & amplifier matching. The best way to choose is to contact your local dealer and organise a demo session with a shortlist of speakers you think might be suitable.

    Floorstanding speakers, also known as tower speakers, are a type of loudspeaker that is designed to sit on the floor. They are taller than bookshelf speakers and usually have a wider frequency range, making them a good choice as main speakers in a home theatre system.

    If you're looking for an immersive audio experience, floor standing speakers are a great option. They can fill a room with sound and create a truly powerful listening experience.

    When choosing floor standing speakers for your home theatre, it's important to consider the size of the room you'll be using them in. You'll also want to take into account your budget and the type of sound you're looking for.

    Some things to keep in mind when shopping for floor standing speakers include:

    The size of the room you'll be using them in: Floor standing speakers need to be placed at least a few feet away from walls to sound their best. If you have a small room, consider bookshelf speakers instead.

    Your budget: Floor standing speakers can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. It's important to set a budget before you start shopping so you don't get overwhelmed by the options.

    The type of music you listen to: If you primarily listen to music with a lot of bass, look for floor standing speakers with subwoofers built in. If you prefer classical or jazz, look for speakers with a wide frequency range.

    The features you want: Some floor standing speakers come with built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, making them easy to connect to your other devices. Other features to look for include Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support, which will give you a truly immersive audio experience.

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