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The Future of Speakers: What's Next for Audio Technology?

Interested in discovering the best new speakers? Read on to learn the latest news on audio technology trends and development.


The past decade has witnessed an audio revolution, with speaker technology advancements changing how we embrace music and sound. In fact, speaker performance has now improved so vastly that listener experiences have become nothing short of enchanting. The speed of life can make it difficult to stay informed on these major technological changes however. With this in mind, the following article will keep you updated on the latest in audio systems, through discussing the industry's newest speakers and trends.

The Current State of Audio Technology - Where Are We Now?

If ever entering a Hi Fi store you may feel confronted by the extensive variety of audio technology and speakers on offer. From the traditional wired to battery powered smart speaker, it is clear the market has become saturated with options. So, how do we cut through the noise to find our speaker of choice? What is the best audio technology currently available?


Modern Wireless Speakers

Modern wireless speakers have become a popular choice amongst users due to their convenience and superior sound quality. For those wanting audio range and ease of use, this speaker type can easily be connected to devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, providing room-filling sound with class leading quality.

Powered Speakers

Powered speakers have also been a hit, with current models featuring designs that allow you to enjoy crystal clear sound. Often including a built-in amplifier, these speakers have become renowned for their unparalleled performance in producing music with the very best standard.

Central Channel Speakers

Moving towards surround sound setups and using a centre channel speaker is ideal for livening up the home theatre or general listening area. These impressive speakers are applauded for their immersive experience and high fidelity sound, which brings a movie or song's story to life. To ensure comfortable listening though, it is best to use a combination of speaker types.

Emerging Technologies - Where Are We Going?

Whilst traditional speakers will undoubtedly hold a place in the heart of music lovers for years to come, a recent push has emerged towards using portable Bluetooth and architectural speakers. Since you've found your way to this page, we assume you know a thing or two about these new wireless speaker systems. However, for those who don't know, we have you covered.

Architectural Speakers

The architectural speaker is newly featured in the audio technology market and will undoubtedly change our approach to music. Notably, these speakers are designed to be mounted in your wall or ceiling, providing exceptional ambient listening that fills the entire room. The ceiling speaker is particularly gaining popularity, offering an amazing way to enjoy music without taking up floor space.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Meanwhile, wireless Bluetooth models are also becoming popular due to offering a compact, convenient and powerful speaker that can be easily moved. Such speakers feature quick-shop technology, allowing listeners to swiftly find the product suited to them at an affordable current price. As these speaker's sound quality improves, their popularity will only grow.

With interest evidently increasing around Hi Fi wireless speakers it is clear audio technology is likely to develop in such an area moving forwards. This isn't to say powered speakers are dying. Rather, to enjoy the ideal sound, listeners may start using them as an ideal combination with the speaker models produced through Bluetooth's advancements. How will this look in the future though?


The Future of Audio Technology - What Will It Look Like?

Between significant advancements in wireless technology and the constant improvement of powered speakers, it is fair to say the future of audio tech is looking bright.

Easier Home Listening With Superior Sound

Around home, standmount speakers are positioned to become a must-have for compact audio setups, through offering exceptional sound and range. Emphasising portability makes these speaker models perfect for any room.

A New Generation Of Powered Hi Fi Speakers

The seventh generation of powered speakers is also set to make an impact, with improved acoustics and performance. Such speakers will be activated through an amp that provides a range of inputs, allowing variance in how music is played.

The Brand To Watch Out For

Dolby Atmos is also set to change the way we embrace music, offering an immersive experience that is perfect for movies and home theatre setups. This technology will feature a three-way design that provides class leading sound, making it ideal for enjoying music or movies at home. Put together with a ceiling speaker and you may never have to visit the cinema again.

The Path Forward - Next Steps For Audio Technology

The future of speakers looks promising, with several emerging audio tech developments set to change the game. The highlights of these are listed below:

  • Increasing variance in speakers is set to improve total surround sound experience.
  • A movement toward wireless technology is going to greatly enhance the use and quality of portable speakers in any room or space.
  • Powered speakers, while they may not be emphasised moving forwards, provide superior performance and are here to stay.
  • It might be time to say hello Alexa, with increasing Bluetooth development making speakers more capable of integrating with other technologies.
  • Home setups and listening is set to see major improvements.

Moving into the future, we can look forward to a range of benefits from audio technology improvements. To enjoy the majority of these it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments, to ensure you get the best sound for your space. With the ideal speaker, you'll be amazed at how your listening experience is elevated to the next level.