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Todd’s Tips – Networks


As our devices become smarter (TVs, Music Streaming Devices, Smartphones, Tablets etc.), we definitely recommend upgrading your home Network to suit your equipment. Running cat6 cable wherever possible from a Network switch attached to your home modem to your equipment will provide a more stable connection. Our qualified technicians do this every day and can assist with any of your networking needs. Please ask one of our staff to book an install & to discuss your specific requirements. To control your smart devices (via Tablets, Smartphones), we recommend having a good router/access point/s to maintain complete control over your gear and avoid signal dropouts from content (music streaming, vision streaming).

Todds are able to provide products to improve your home networks, look into the range of Luxul Networking Equipment, awarded “Wireless Product of the Year” & “Network Product of the Year” at CES 2016.

Todds can also provide, install & program network based control systems to control your AV equipment with one device to reduce the number of remote controls you have. Please ask one of our friendly sales staff for more info on this.