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3 Signs It's Time to Update Your Home Theatre

Once you’ve experienced good Home Theatre, there’s no going back.

There’s no doubt that once you’ve experienced good Home Theatre, there’s no going back. Movies come alive with a sense of cinema-like immersion that just can’t be matched (short of a night out at the movies). 

A good Home Theatre system will last you years. In terms of familiarity with its use and audio performance, you can’t go past your favourite gear. Technology on the other hand, can give you a compelling reason to take a look at what’s new in the world of Home Theatre. 

We’ll take a closer look at 3 signs it might be time to update your setup to ensure you’re getting the most out of your home entertainment.


Ultra high-definition picture

It’s an exciting time in Home Theatre with game-changing advances in technology. As expected, it all starts with the most conspicuous element – the (not so) humble TV. The latest generation of 4K Ultra HD TVs produce incredibly lifelike pictures with vivid colour and detail. 

To realise the true potential of content filmed at a resolution that’s 4 times that of HD 1080p though, including HDR and Dolby Vision, all your components will need to support the format. This means your TV, Blu-ray Player and AV Receiver. 

A growing catalogue of 4K Ultra HD content is now available. Right now, online streaming providers and gaming consoles are your best bet. And for those with a library of beloved movie titles in HD, some TVs and components can upscale your existing video content to 4K Ultra HD so look out for this feature to enjoy your favourite movies like never before.


A new frontier in sound

Sound is a critical element in the overall movie experience but its importance is far too often overlooked. Owners of an existing Surround Sound System are more than likely already aware of how important each component is. For some, existing Speakers and cabling may be perfectly suitable for a modern Home Theatre so decide before upgrading these whether or not you’re satisfied with what you’re hearing from them. 

Thrilling new decoding technologies from Dolby and DTS, however, will shift your expectations of surround sound. The new object-based audio formats, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, immerse you in the thick of the movie like never before. This goes beyond simply having sound coming from overhead like in the cinema, but being able to precisely locate sound effects all around you to give you a much more realistic sensation of being a part of the action. 

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats are so new that they are still being rolled out in cinemas, so to have the opportunity to experience this in the home with a compatible AV Receiver gives you an even better excuse to stop home and put a movie on!


Get connected

Some of the more dramatic changes that have impacted Home Theatre in recent years have been brought about by network connectivity. Music streaming (be it directly from a smart phone using AirPlay or music streaming service such as Deezer) and multi-room audio add a whole other dimension to your Home Theatre setup. 

Home Theatre truly encompasses ‘Home Entertainment’ when you add the ability to quickly and intuitively access all your favourite tunes and stream them throughout the entire home. 

The award-winning MusicCast technology is incorporated on a range of Yamaha products so it’s easier than ever to bring music to every room – all controlled by an easy-to-use app.


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