Theatre Seating

    Our Manhattan cinema recliners are meticulously designed in Australia to give you the best possible value for money in home cinema seating. Using quality parts from around the world we have designs to suite every taste, and unlimited finish options to give you the only true custom finish to suit your personal style.

    - Designed in Australia 
    - Comprehensive 5 year warranty
    - Power reclining standard on all models
    - Ergonomically designed wall hugging designs
    - Motion effects system available

    A Todds Hi Fi audio sound system setup at our store in Daisy Hill Brisbane

    Design &


    If you're interested in taking your home entertainment experience to a gold-class standard, you're probably not going to get a gold-class outcome without some design and installation help.

    Our AV Design and Installation teams have a wealth of experience which results in the ideal balance of clean finish and simple operability.

    So come say hi.

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    If you'd like to sit down with our AV Design team to talk custom installations or listen to any of our premium sound systems, book a session below...