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Watts Important?


As most industries demand more transparency, why are audio brands (particularly from the USA) continuing to withhold the full specifications of their equipment?

One of the defenses to this lack of transparency is that they have designed the amplifier and speakers to match, unlike separate components where specification matching is required. I have even read the suggestion that all that matters is it has a sound signature you like and goes as loud as your music needs to go. Which is frankly misleading.

It is true that these brands have matched amplifier and speaker quality. However, if they supplied specs, the difference in quality of the products in their own ranges and competitor offerings could be compared. What does that say?

To argue you only need to like the sound and it being loud enough has some merit but is also like saying your food only has to taste good and make you full, the nutritional content doesn't matter.

There are a number of brands not providing their product specifications that have leveraged huge marketing budgets, product style and convenience for success. Food product, motor vehicle, mobile phone and most audio companies are proud to supply their product specifications. Should the convenience audio brands be more transparent?

There is a resurgence in the popularity of far superior, more flexible and better featured separate component systems.
Check the specs (particularly wattage per channel) before purchasing. Or, chat to us so we can help you make an informed decision.


Allan Todd, Director