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The New Era of Surround Sound

In today’s world, sound is everywhere affecting our everyday activity. Introducing DTS:X, an object-based multidimensional surround sound creating a lifelike audio experience at home and in a cinema.

DTS:X supports a large number of simultaneous sounds that sets in 3D space around the listener. The position of these objects is then taken by your receiver in order to suit your own particular speaker layout. From the big screen to home theaters to the phone in your pocket, DTS:X makes it real. Experience DTS:X without requiring custom configurations with fully backward-compatible with existing DTS bit streams, the newest iteration of DTS:X will also incorporate height channels.

Through this technology, it improves entertainment industry. Film makers can now engage you deeper in the experience than ever before. With DTS:X, the mix designed for movie theaters is what you will hear at home.

DTS:X is immersive, flexible, backward compatible and interactive. It offers the same realistic surround sound no matter how the room is setup. It means that you can put speakers wherever you want and it will still deliver cinema-like audio. At home you can choose to increase volume for a certain part, like the voices in a dialog heavy scene for example. DTS:X is a license fee free and open platform.

DTS:X become accustomed to the viewing environment, permitting for a flexible speaker configuration that best fits the viewing space. DTS:X transports the fluid movement of sound to experience a richer entertainment soundscape in any direction.

Huge manufacturer like Yamaha launched DTS:X new system. DTS has partnered with industry-leading server, sound rendering and processing companies to ensure quality and offer flexibility within the DTS:X program set up.