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A Rich History of Knowledge and Service

Todd’s Hi Fi: A Rich History of Knowledge and Service

Todds HiFi is a family owned and operated business. I am Allan Todd the Managing Director of the company. My wife Suzann was the matriarch of the family and was our Admin Manager. Our three children have all spent time developing the business. The family business’ roots go back to my father, Cameron Todd who began speaker manufacturing in 1962. Few businesses put their family name on their business. We are Todds Hi Fi because we want our customers to know who they are trusting.

Todds Hi Fi is an independent retailer of Panasonic, Yamaha, NAD, PSB Loudspeakers, Sonos, B&W Speakers, Project Turntables, Optoma Home Theatre Projectors,Blue HD streaming, Thor power protection, RTI control systems our own Auditone Speaker systems and more. Our long relationship with these brands agives us competitive pricing as well as a deep understanding of how these brands can combine for great home entertainment solutions. We choose these brands because I trust their product integrity and after sales support. They are all specialist brands who are market leaders for long periods of time.

When the majority of stores selling televisions have not trained their staff as to why Calibration is a serious subject in any televisions performance I feel the public has been let down. Far superior picture, massive power savings and increase in product life are the benefits of calibration. My other concern is that Marketing has become more important than the true performance of many products. In my view a number of major brands have taken marketing way too far and customers are being duped. In future correspondence or in our stores I am happy to support my concerns.

Streaming of sound and picture is the future of home entertainment. The Sonos brand combined with streaming services like Spotify has already changed the home entertainment experienced for millions of people worldwide. Netflix has been a revolution overseas and we expect a huge impact in Australia. The trend back to quality stereo systems including turntables will only increase. The great news is that we can combine old and new technology seamlessly. Nearly every customer needs a different solution. One hat does not fit all in today’s home entertainment. Our experience is available to you without obligation.