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  • The All-New Sonos PLAY:5

    The ultimate listening experience with the purest, deepest, most vibrant sound.

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  • My Staff - at your Service!

    "I employ 30% audio engineers and 100% sound and vision enthusiasts"

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  • Seven Interactive Sound Rooms.

    You would not purchase a car without a test drive. Please be careful before you make a long term purchase in home entertainment – get the right demo at Todds Hi Fi.

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  • What makes us different?

    We stand behind brands and technologies that we believe offer the best value and performance in sound and vision.

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  • What our Customers think about us?

    Todds are without question the best in the business. They know their stuff. I don't know if its the training or their passion but they are the experts.

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  • Installation Service

    Every house is different so hooking up and configuring a home entertainment system for the best performance is a bit of a fine art.

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  • Calibration

    Only a Professional Can Set Your Audio System Up to Cinema or Theater Audio Level. Today, most of the audio systems have digital trims and master audio controls. Mess up with these (and yes there are 100% chances that you will mess everything up, bet?) and all of the charm and acoustics is lost.

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