Todds Imagine X2 5.1.2 Atmos Pack

Todds Imagine X2 5.1.2 Atmos Pack

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This cracker package includes the following items:
PSB Imagine X2T Towers (pair)
PSB Imagine XC Centre
PSB Imagine XB Bookshelf (rear pair)
PSB Customsound Surround Inceilings (pair)
PSB Sub300 12" Subwoofer

Save over $1500!

PSB's Imagine X2 3-way series tower speakers add a separate mid-range and extra bass driver to improve X series performance.  And, using the next-series-up Imagine Centre, gives a higher level of clarity and detail to everything happening on-screen.
Coupled with the PSB Custom Sound in-ceiling speakers (which feature 2 tweeters each) creates a bigger three dimensional sound overhead.
For bigger cleaner low-end bass, the Sub300 packs a punch, and does it with ease.
Mated with Yamaha's excellent 2070 series Yamaha amplifier - you have a highly impressive combination for musical and movie sound.
And, with the 2070's 9 channels of on-board amplification, you can add another pair of surround speakers, or in-ceilings (for overhead atmos)

* cables, stands, screens and other accessories are not included with this package, so please be sure to check with your sales consultant for any additional requirements you have connecting this system.

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