Todds Hi Fi sells similar products to our many competitors. We have a lot more to offer than just a competitive price.
80% of my sales team are qualified audio engineers and 100% of my team are sound and vision enthusiasts. My entire team have the ability and desire to give you a better solution than you will find at our competitors. They are your chefs of technology providing you with not only better options but also better value for money, guaranteed.
All restaurants use similar ingredients but it is down to the expertise of the chef to make the meal better than what is served in the restaurant down the road.  

Every day I support my team of audio visual chefs to find ways to better deliver today's amazing technology.

During my 38 years in the industry I have seen many competitors come and go. You have a lot to gain in speaking to my incredible team before making a decision on your home entertainment. 
If you have any concerns I will meet with you personally.