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Breathtaking detail, amazing clarity and exquisite contrast offered by the LG OLED C9 TV simply can't be beaten.

Hair-raising blacks and vibrant colours, enriched by LG's powerful Alpha 9 Gen2 Intelligent Processor and depth of colour offered by 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision produce a truly cinematic experience.

OLED Display

The game-changing OLED Display generates over a billion rich and vibrant colours. Combine this with no backlight, and you also get the most hair-raising blacks to enhance the beautiful colours for a truly cinematic viewing experience.

Alpha 9 Gen2
Intelligent Processor

The powerful Alpha 9 Gen2 Intelligent Processor is designed specifically for LG OLED. It uses AI Deep Learning to analyse what you’re watching and listening to, from whatever source, and optimise it for your viewing pleasure.

Perfect Blacks

Experience OLED’s extraordinary contrast and hair-raising blacks to bring out the detail in the dark scenes.

Dolby Vision™ & Dolby Atmos®

Dolby Vision™ HDR effectively remasters your movie, adjusting it to achieve the cinematic vision of the director. Add the sonic layering and sound separation of Dolby Atmos®, and you are in for a cinematic treat – in your own home.

4K Cinema HDR

LG’s 4K Cinema HDR delivers the filmmaker’s vision by supporting and enhancing many HDR formats. Be immersed in cinematic scenes with support for Advanced HDR by Technicolor plus Dolby Vision and LG’s HDR10 Pro that dynamically adjusts HDR10 content for a great visual experience.

Take control of your Home Entertainment

LG ThinQ™ AI TV's let you access the enormous power of the Google Assistant™ and Amazon Alexa®, built-in, with your LG TV's Magic Remote.

We also have


All the features of the C9 but with a built in sound strip for an elevated audio experience.


All the features of the C9 but with an impossibly thin wallpaper display, which enhances the aesthetic value of your room, elevating your home design.

Talk to our team about packaging an OLED TV with a surround sound system for the ultimate viewing experience.

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