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Pro-Ject Vinyl Essentials Calibration LP Record

  • outstanding adjustment tool
  • Cross talk test
  • Tracking ability test 

Pro-Ject Felt Mat 300mm Black

  • 300mm Diameter
  • for Pro-Ject Debut turntables

Spin-Clean Washer Fluid (8 Oz)

  • special washer fluid
  • encapsulates the dirt
  • chose bright yellow


Perfect Xmas Gift! Rescue your record collection, and treat your vinyl right with our analogue first aid kit. Keep your turntable clean, tight and sharp with this specially-assembled set of tools,...


Pro-Ject Acrylic It Turntable Platter

  • Optical upvaluation
  • Audiophile sound tuning
  • made from acrylic 

Project Anti-Skating Weight

  • to suit carbon tonearms
  • allows for the perfect amount of counter-drag on the tonearm
  • reducing the inclination for the arm to 'skip' or 'skate' across the record 

Pro-Ject Brush-It Record Brush

  • dust removal
  • provides clear path
  • soft carbon fibre

Pro-Ject Cork Mat

  • Less noise
  • Avoids static load
  • Suitable for all turntables