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Pro-Ject Primary E Turntable with OM Cartridge

Affordable Audiophile turntable with easy set-up and class-leading sound! If you thought that a turntable set-up is complicated like rocket-science, Primary proves the contrary. This good sounding beltdrive deck offers the fastest possible installation process because it comes pre-adjusted out of the box. No further set-up is needed. Tracking force and anti-skating are carefully set. An acrylic dust cover is...

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Rotel A10 Integrated Amplifier

  • Clean Performance
  • MM phono input
  • analog domain
  • maximum performance

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red Cartridge

  • Comes Pre-fitted with 2m Red Cartridge
  • Superior sound quality
  • Available in 8 different colours

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Rotel CD11 CD Player

  • Precision CD mechanism
  • Wolfson high performance 24 bit / 192 kHz DAC
  • Independent digital / analogue power supplies

The Music Maker

  • Complete Turntable, Amp & Speaker System
  • Amazing Value
  • Long lasting quality

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Pro-Ject Phono Box Preamplifier

  • Great upgrade for mid-level systems
  • Moving magnet or moving coil cartridges
  • Super-low standby power (<1w when not in use)

Pro-Ject Phono Box E Phono Preamplifier

  • Preamplifier for Moving Magnet cartridges
  • < 1 watt standby power
  • Special low noise components

Pro-Ject Essential III Turntable with USB Recording

  • USB Record to PC/Mac
  • OM10 Cartridge
  • Speed Change 33⅓ / 45rpm

Rotel T11 Digital Radio Tuner

  • Dimmable LED and display
  • High quality DAB+ and FM reproduction
  • Wide range of FM and DAB+ radio stations

Pro-Ject MaiA Stereo Integrated Amplifier

  • 2x 25W / 37W @ 8 / 4 Ohms
  • 2 ohms drive capability  
  • 3 analogue line level inputs  

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO

  • Comes Pre-fitted with 2m Red Cartridge
  • Class leading sound quality
  • Available in multiple finishes

Pro-Ject Phono Box S2 Phono Pre-amplifier

Phono Box S2 - setting new standards for entry-level phono stages! Phono Box S was one of our favourite products, it offered unrivalled sonics and versitality at a very affordable price. When we started creating Phono Box S2, its successor, it had to have exactly that but improve on sound even further. Phono Box S2 fea-tures incredible micro-details, dynamics and...